LOTO MENA offers free Lockout Tagout assessments to customers in KSA.

Our professionally experienced technical team will visit your facility and conduct an on-site assessment or demonstration to educate and identify energy sources for isolation to first time users or revisit existing LOTO programs if required for any support in identification of right isolation devices and how to use them.

To confirm an appointment, please download the Pre-Assessment Questionnaire, complete, attach and submit through the On-Site assessment form to enable us to plan our visit in line with the services requested.

Our services include:

  • 1. Conduct an interactive presentation on LOTO Basics at client’s premise through PPT and other visual presentations.
  • 2. Identifying various energy sources which need to be isolated. These include Electrical, Mechanical, Pneumatic, Steam, Gravity, Potential, etc.
  • 3. Check appropriate LOTO device which fits securely on the energy source.
  • 4. Pictures of energy sources with and without LOTO device are clicked (with prior permission). The images are compiled later into a LOTO Assessment Form customized to the company’s energy sources.
  • 5. Train personnel in identifying the correct LOTO devices, Padlocks & Tags required for different energy sources.
  • 6. Post visit, all images will be compiled on our Assessment Form and transferred to client for implementing their energy isolation program and also used for training new recruits.